• My Dream

    The dense spread of green sprinkles dews on my tired eyes. For a moment I imagine climbing up the hills and caressing the azure sky! The colorful birds fly kissing the tender breeze.

    Suddenly my attention is skewed as the train enters the heavily squeezed city!

    bright night--
    I walk with the moon
    in my dream

  • Narain, Ashish

    the sea bled
    twice today

    first prayer...
    a cuckoo sings
    in the dark

    Darjeeling tea…
    birdsong fills the garden
    with quiet

    jungle safari-
    a pile of poo
    excites the guide

  • Narain, Ashish

    wind pines wet with mist speak

    slowing down time in circles snow

    ready to let go maple leaves tinsel town


  • Narang, Shreya

    kargil war...
    some extra stars
    in the sky

    Cattails Youth Corner, 2018

  • Neelam Dadhwal


    out of path my walking shadow


    after rains yellow cosmos still touching the ground


  • Neha R. Krishna

    summer sunset
    little boats becoming


    summer song
    tree branches laden
    with moonlight


  • Neha Talreja

    stormy night
    only the cat's sleep


  • Padhy, Pravat Kumar

    what reasons for the trees aggressive wind


    trash bag the remaining chapter of my war history book


  • Padhy, Pravat Kumar

  • Palle Krishna Rao

    online meeting —
    my wife pulls out
    a new dress


    daily routine...
    parrots gathering
    to trade gossip


    travel packing...
    my back
    protests strongly

  • Parashar, Vandana

  • Parashar, Vandana

    one-way street
    the fragrance of jasmine

    Cattails, Jan 2016

  • Parashar, Vandana

    receding waves
    I become shorter
    inch by inch

    blooming bud
    the noiseless popping
    of a dream

    Wordsworth fan
    daffodils flutter in breeze
    on her grave

    fading skyline...
    the kite brings home
    the night 

    rain falls
    equally on everything
    ... wildflowers

    the time it takes for life
    to turn around

  • Parashar, Vandana

    blue moon for whom the waves roar


  • Pragya Vishnoi

    a cuckoo sings
    out of season


    jasmine blooms
    mother braids moonbeams
    in her hair


  • Praniti Gulyani

    she shelves her dreams
    with glass plates

    Mainichi Haiku Contest 2018: 2nd Prize, Children's Section.

  • Praniti Gulyani

    old book...
    the dust still holds
    a fingerprint

  • Praniti Gulyani

    curving into the infinity
    of your mouth. . .
    every ripple of milk
    in this ocean
    beneath my breast


    the dust
    of an old bookshelf. . .
    I take in
    the fragrance
    of another world


    now I'm scared
    of broken mirrors...
    what it takes
    to pick up the shards
    and make myself again


  • Praniti Gulyani

    train window...
    the shape of an apology
    on her lips

    The Heron's Nest, Volume XXII, June 2020

  • Pratham Rajeevalochan

    gleaming knife...
    edge sharper than
    moon scars