• Shankar, Shloka

    erecting landmarks in the field of why 

    unsolving 'x' i kill my darlings 

    psychoanalyzing a comma on the dark side 

    magnum opus and yet and yet 

    heart sutra      untying the fabric of my universe 

    only as a matter of fact winter sunrise 

    loopholes       the steel in your spine 

    (Note: A found haiku remixed from Trump's State of the Union address)

  • Shankar, Shloka

    old doorways —
    the nerve palaces
    of midnight


    pulling sins out of a dreamer conscience


    self-referential this late monsoon rain


  • Shankar, Shloka

    pulling sins out of a dreamer conscience

    Under the Basho (ku section), 2018

  • Shloka Shankar

  • Shloka Shankar

    winter dusk…
    the hive mind
    of crows


    dangling modifier
    the stories we leave


  • Shobhana Kumar

    abandoned shrine
    the gods as lost
    as us


    tea dregs
    remnants from a wanton


    what do sparrows
    sound like?

  • Singha, Sudebi

    dragonfly pauses on its shadow

    nightfall the gull enters into


  • Singha, Sudebi

    candle march
    each flicker carries
    the dark


    he seeks his
    twin brother


    clear sky
    kite's threads hang
    from a bare branch

  • Singha, Sudebi

    book fair
    dad engrossed
    in e-book

    failed haiku vol-2 issue 20


  • Sonal Srinivasan

    social distancing...
    even the sea looks
    bluer to me


    clang of vessels upon vessels
    the only music


    digital footprints...
    a year later he dedicates
    my ku to me


    pacman —
    I fight against the same
    ghosts again

  • Srinivas S

    a child speaks her
    first syllables


    winter night
    just the note of
    a match struck


    indigo evening
    the sea refuses
    to sleep

  • Srinivas S

    the gossip spreads
    evening rain

    Haiku Presence, Issue 64


  • Srinivas S

    twilit beach
    every ebbing wave takes
    a little of the day

    Frogpond, Issue 43:1


  • Srinivas S

    skipping pebble . . .
    the day's colours dissolve
    in ripples


    autumn dusk . . .
    a feather falls through
    the skylight


    summer noon . . .
    the wind wakes up
    the cane fields


    as though darkness
    could absorb sounds . . .
    night rain


  • Srinivas S.

    winter night
    the fog thickens around
    a long lullaby


    a child spots
    every animal she knows...
    summer clouds

  • Srinivasa Rao Sambangi

    spring morning
    the deadwood shines
    with green moss


    rice sparrows
    hover over leftovers
    those hungry kids


    global warming
    frozen minds
    still frozen


  • Srinivasa Rao Sambangi

    Hiroshima Day paper crane I tried a mushroom


    firefly in the cave full of light


    job cuts scarecrows outnumber sparrows


    window seat for them I see outside


  • Srinivasa Rao Sambangi

    sleepless street
    Edison ends my journey
    into myself


    war hero
    stealing the light of
    thousand widows


  • Srinivasa Rao Sambangi

    slicing a pumpkin
    mother talks of my sister

    Wales Haiku Journal, Autumn 2019 issue

  • Srinivasa Rao Sambangi

    way to graveyard
    summer river lets us take
    a shorter route

    12th Yamadera Basho haiku contest