Jalaj is a Hindi word, meaning born from water. In this word, Jal refers to water and aj refers to the concept of being born. Jalaj usually refers to a lotus blossom, which is most often fresh and shining as it enters this world. This one word Jalaj encapsulates the spirit of the ‘Youth Corner’ at Under the Basho. Jalaj encompasses the spirit of freshness and newness present in all aspiring haikai poets, especially young poets and beginners who, with their energy and enthusiasm, tend to take haikai literature very far.

The ‘Youth Corner’ at Under the Basho aims to provide a platform to young, deserving poets who have just clambered onto the haikai path to nurture their voices and lighten their path. These poets will also get personalized feedback and suggestions on how to improve their work as well. The Youth Corner at UtB can be considered as a lake, or an open space which will enable every lotus blossom, every aspiring Jalaj to bloom and prosper in the wonderful world of haikai!


To provide a platform (publishing platform) for young poets to bestow upon them, the joy of seeing their work published.
To create a comfortable space for young poets so that they can get rid of their 'initial reluctance' of submitting their work.
To help young poets improve by giving them feedback and suggestions.


  1. All submissions to this section must be from poets currently 19 years old or younger.
  2. Please submit up to 10 haiku and/or 3 Haibun for consideration via email to the editor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. It is advisable to send haiku themed around nature/truth and real observations, but these guidelines must not be taken too seriously, since a lotus blossom Jalaj needs space to grow, and hence I aim at giving aspirants maximum space and freedom

Praniti Gulyani