• Gulyani, Praniti


    long journey he promises two raindrops

  • Gulyani, Praniti

    my first hijab...
    a shadow 
    on the flower 

    Red Moon Anthology 2017


  • Gulyani, Praniti

    crack of dawn...
    the moon slides off
    a fish's fin


    shades of dusk...
    the darkening orange
    of birdsong


    dragonfly wings...
    just enough space
    for a cloud


  • Hemapriya Chellappan

    origami —
    a mountain folds
    into itself


  • Hemapriya Chellappan

    whale song
    I don't know
    who is behind
    this facade 

  • Indra Neil Mekala

    war . . .
    homes become

     Grand Prize winning haiku in the 24th International "Kusamakura" Haiku Competition.

  • Ishaan Singh Sarna

    through speckled stones...
    the fog rises
    with sounds
    of a morning raga

  • Jharna Sanyal

    every time
    she puts on
    a hibiscus flirts
    with the mirror

  • Jharna Sanyal

    incessant rain
    dawn snuggles
    into a raven's wings

  • Kala Ramesh

    don't slouch
    mother always yells
    when I see her
    my back straightens
    as if on remote control

    to become
    that shiny raindrop
    a long journey
    as I sit polishing
    each thought into a poem

  • Kala Ramesh

    wild bamboo
    the pencilled darkness
    shimmers in rain


    meditation . . .
    my self in the stillness   
    between thoughts


    our city stands
    on liquid shadows —
    cyclonic floods


    in a ward . . .
    the stark whiteness  
    of the moon


    low tide
    the silence of a wave 
    wets my mind


    Kala Ramesh is an award winning poet. Her work covering haiku, tanka, senryu, haibun and renku has appeared in leading e-zines and anthologies.

  • Kala Ramesh

    the cliff of my will power before the drop


    that cloud-capped moon ruins my evening alone


    from source a pain swelling river runs amok


  • Kala Ramesh

    I browse
    through the songs she wrote—
    the words
    she found after long searching
    keep me awake for hours


    as I age
    I find myself talking
    more and more
    to trees and blossoms -
    I'm sure they're listening to me


    I walk
    across a shallow river
    that split-second glint
    as the water
    caresses a pebble

  • Kalyanee Rajan

    durga puja...
    she dusts the years off
    her wedding saree


    June sun
    umbrella spines
    turn smokey


    mother's kitchen...
    the lingering fragrance
    of mango pickle


  • Kausik KSK

    the raven's caws
    fill our silences

    clearing fallen leaves
    to reveal her name

    autumn night...
    which of these stars
    is grandma?


    physics exam...
    cursing the apple
    that fell on Newton


    temple offering...
    a boy lets loose
    one of the goats


    doodling my boss
    on the notepad...
    office meeting


    coffee break—
    stirring a whirlpool
    of thoughts


    cheese thief...
    a purring shadow sneaks
    into my kitchen


  • Kavitha Sreeraj

    jack fruit jam...
    a fly beats me
    to the jar


    lonely night...
    she let the waves
    kiss her bare feet


    she plays peekaboo
    with the moon


    falling flowers...
    my patio
    has a new colour

  • Kinshuk Gupta

    a snake waits
    at the 99th step
    of each game –
    another tumour
    in her last chemo


    every time
    he touches my bare back...
    a water drop
    on the frying pan

  • Kinshuk Gupta (age 19 years)

    summer noon. . .
    the wavering shadow
    of a palm


    first chemo. . .
    even the tulips
    begin to droop


    lockdown. . .
    the shape of a curse
    behind his mask


  • Kodial, Pranav

  • Kripa Anand

    of green in the stream …
    a world in itself

    a deserted road
    stretches into the horizon -
    I keep walking


    sunrise —
    the leaves shimmer
    in their newness

    hot samosas …
    the rain brings
    strangers together

    eyes open
    to a sunlit spider’s web-
    dream catcher