• Evica Kraljić

    otvorio vjetar
    stranice knjige
    lom tišine

    the breeze-
    pages of a book
    breaking silence
    u daljinama
    prekrasnog obzora

    in the distances
    of great horizon
    the dreams
    nevidljivi čovjek
    ispod krošnje kestenja
    skuplja sjene

    an invisible man
    under the chestnut's crown
    gathering shadows
    vrtlar na zemlji
    oživljava plodove
    slikar crta

    brings fruits to life
    painter paints
    jesenja šuma
    znojni dlanovi
    berača gljiva

    autumn forest
    the mushroom picker's
    sweaty palms
    ispod koraka srne
    njiše se trava

    under doe's paces
    swaying grasses

    A Croatian, Evica Kraljić, born 1952, has published 4 books of poetry and one of her prose work. Her 12 novels have been published in newspapers.

  • Franjo Ordanić

  • Gatalica, Goran

    validating solitude -
    sudden birdsong vanishes
    across the horizon


    wisteria in bloom -
    the strangers share
    their relief


    windy calligraphy -
    my father's arable crops
    follow his words


    exhausted migrants -
    through the pine trees
    dusk passes


    autumn burial -
    toothed leaves encode
    all our silences


    purple dreams...
    scratching of a pine twig
    on my window

  • Gatalica, Goran

    spring pilgrimage -
    first cherry blossoms
    in mother's sandals

    The Haiku Moment Award: Best of Volume 1 (issues 1:1 and 1:2) Autumn Moon Haiku Journal

  • Gatalica, Goran

    late autumn -
    in a flurry of haze
    harvest moon


    a marble banister
    gathers sunlight

  • Gatalica, Goran


  • Gatalica, Goran

  • Goran Gatalica

    thinking of war -
    wrapped in barbed wire
    fragile butterfly
    The Basho-an Award, Tokyo, Japan, 2018.
  • Goran Gatalica


    starlight -
    the tadpoles vanish
    in a blurry pond


  • Goran Gatalica

    night jasmine —
    her bloomed soul brings water
    to a refugee

    The Basho-an Award, Tokyo, Japan, 2019.

  • Goran Gatalica

    first snow —
    the catalyst
    for my writing


  • Ilić, Nataša

    time is paused
    neither dead nor alive
    a frozen embryo

    IAFOR Vladimir Devidé HAIKU AWARD 2018, Kobe, Japan (Runner up);

  • Malvina Mileta

    snježne pahulje
    mladenka donosi u crkvu
    pred oltar

    the bride
    brings snowflakes to
    the altar

    zubato sunce
    na staklu prozora
    njuši ljubičice

    cold winter sun . . .
    sniffing african violets
    on the window sill
    jutarnji vlak
    skitnica ispod mosta
    s mislima u njemu

    a tramp 
    day dreaming
    train rides
    izlog  trgovine
    sunce  lašti  nove
    muške cipele

    storefront . . .
    sunlight polishing
    a man shoes

    olujni vjetar
    šešir i prazna mreža
    sami u barci

    stormy wind . . .
    a hat and an empty net
    in the boat

    Malvina Mileta lives in Istria, Croatia. She has published a poetry collection ZAD NAS PORTON (Behind Our Doors) and a novel CRNI SNIH (A Black Snow). Mileta has received a number of awards for her lyrics and haiku. She is the author of two theater plays and the speaker for the NIT Television.

  • Maretić, Tomislav

    security camera -
    a secret kiss caught
    at the grocery store


    angler by the bank -
    a kingfisher alights
    on his rod

    fox’s voice –
    as if the half-moon
    burst out laughing


    New Year’s eve—
    loud celebrations echo
    among the stars

  • Maretić, Tomislav

    summer dusk –
    passing through the gnats
    by the brook

  • Nada Jačmenica

    Proljetno jutro.
    Na prozor pokucao
    leptir u žurbi.

    spring morning . . .
    in haste, the butterfly
    on my window?
    Šareni leptir​ 
    vragolasto zavodi
    mlade cvjetove.

    a mottled
    butterfly, seducing
    young flowers
    More u naručju
    ljulja usnule barke
    na mjesečini.

    in its embrace,
    the sea  swaying sleepy boats
    in moonlight
    Klizi ljeto
    niz nauljena tijela.
    Kaplje u more.

    summer slides
    down oily bodies . . .
    into the sea
    Otvoren prozor.
    Zvijezde mi zaviruju
    u snove.

    stars peer 
    into my dreams . . .
    through windows

    Nada Jačmenica is a medical doctor and physical medicine specialist living in Sv. Kriz Zacretje, Croatia. She's a seasoned poets and prose writer. In the field of visual arts, she arranges petal patchworks for exhibitions. 

  • Pavlinović, Dejan

    old fountain
    almost within reach of
    a blossoming cherry



    Bashō's statue
    by the Sumida river . . .
    the flow of words



    in the morning
    more numerous than people
    Higashi Chaya lanterns

    *Higashi Chaya is the historic geisha district of Kanazawa famous for its old tea houses, little streets, museums and restaurants.



    up the narrow road
    towards Bashō's hut
    Buson's grave

    *Konpuku-ji is a temple in Kyoto, where Matsuo Basho stayed in the original residence in the 17th century, which was subsequently lost and then later rebuilt in the 18th century by the great painter and haiku poet, Buson. Buson's tomb and the one of his three disciples can be found near the small cottage.

  • Round Bales of Hay

    shivering dusk
    freshly cut grass
    in the bed

    drhtaj sumraka
    svježe pokošena trava
    u krevetu
    scent of soup—
    entering the attic darkness
    head first
    miris juhe—
    ušavši u tminu tavana
    broken guitar string
    no one else noticed
    until now
    puknutu žicu gitare
    još nitko nije primjetio
    do sada
    round bales of hay . . .
    the family reunites
    on Granddad’s veranda
    okrugle bale sijena . . .
    okupljanje obitelji
    na djedovoj verandi


    Dejan Pavlinović, Croatia
    Michael Dudley, Canada
    Tomislav Maretić, Croatia

    *each haiku is written collaboratively by the three authors

  • Tomislav Maretić

    jutarnja sumaglica
    čisti glas 
    ptice pjevice 

    morning mist
    the clear voice of
    a bush warbler 
    ne boj se, kukče
    na cvijetu gorkog pelina –
    pazim gdje mokrim

    oh, bug on the
    wormwood leaf, don't fret –
    I mind my pissing
    crvići vise
    na nitima iznad staze –
    nailazi lahor

    worms hang
    from threads over the path –
    approaching breeze
    zimsko sunce    –
    nakošeni škanjac
    postaje bijel

    winter sun –
    a tilted buzzard
    turns white
    noćna tišina –  
    roj pahulja pod svakom
    uličnom lampom

    night silence  –
    snowflakes whirl under
    every street lamp

    Tomislav Maretić has written haiku for the past 30 years. They have been published in Croatian and in international journals, anthologies, and almanacs. He lives with his family in Gornje Vrapče, a small village near Zagreb. 

  • Tomislav Maretić

    I shine shoes
    on the balcony –
    a meteor shower

    wind gusts –
    petals swirling together
    with a dry leaf