• Debbie Strange

    I skip a pebble across
    the universe

    1st Place, 2019 OtherWordly Intergalactic Haiku Competition
    (first publication in Seashores, Volume 2, April 2019)

  • Debbie Strange

    maple leaves ignite
    the dusk

    fields thronged
    with sandhill cranes . . .
    corn moon

    bugling elk
    fog softens the shape
    of morning

    the curve
    of a dune's shadow . . .
    day moon


  • Debbie Strange

    rivulets of rain . . .
    I trace the shape
    of loneliness

    veils of dust . . .
    at least we have
    this sunset


  • Debbie Strange

    we amble
    along an esker's spine
    gravel shifting
    into small symphonies
    underneath our boots


    ghost moths . . .
    mother's pale hands
    f l u t t e r
    around the light
    of her memories


    sacred waters . . .
    we sleep among pods
    of sperm whales
    suspended upright
    in the ocean's belly


  • Debbie Strange

    tear gas
    the missing eyespot
    on a moth's wing

    we learn to thrive
    in your shadow

    fourteen eyes
    on the possum's back . . .
    night train


    false apology
    the stiff tail feathers
    of a ruddy duck

    the spine
    I used to have . . .
    sea urchin

  • Debbie Strange

    frozen trough
    I cup the warm breath
    of my horse

    Sharpening the Green Pencil Haiku Contest (1st Place) 2018


  • Ed Baranosky

    it calls to your brush
    the riptide surf, undertow
    from an infinity of blues--
    a taxi radio croons
    Good morning heartache...

  • Facetious

    (With a nod to Christian Bok)

    pagan arts
    an aardvark
    snaps at ants

    a car parks
    at a plaza
    stagnant stars

    plays grandma,
    drag bar

    a skald
    chants a stanza
    madcap rant

    play ball!
    a bastard fan slags
    last fall’s champs


    desert seeds
    the shepherd led
    twelve sheep

    wretched news
    the fettered Empress
    enters hell

    shredded weeds
    he rejects her
    clever letters

    he seeks revenge,
    the rebel rendered

    scented reeds
    the egret pecks


    childish dimwit,
    I flirt, inciting

    rising hill,
    nitwits climbing

    writing scripts
    in pidgin …
    thinning mist

    stills drip,
    I sip
    illicit drinks

    critics dismiss
    his gimmicks …
    glib shtick


    old books,
    proctors work proofs
    of Wordsworth

    owls bob
    on cold posts —
    hollow moon

    voodoo storm,
    bloodshot crows
    drop on tombs

    dot-com boom...
    old gold stocks
    drop off

    noon fog —
    schoolboys stop
    to toss rocks


    junk rusts,
    numbskulls pull up
    surplus guns

    gurus murmur
    hurtful truths

    humdrum bluff,
    schmucks blurt
    untruthful stuff

    dusk ruckus...
    drunks gulp
    suds plus rum

    bull run...
    spurs cut
    dust ruts

  • George Swede

    fishing for answers line breaks


    nowhere brighter the moon in a puddle


    ant bearing a leaf and a question


    shopping list running out of despair


  • Gorman, LeRoy

    fallen leaves
    right in & right out
    the hospital’s revolving door


    westerly gusts
    a lean boy pumps gas
    into a muscle car

    heavy fog
    I take directions
    from departing geese

    Christmas coming
    the snowmen have smiles
    where my grandchildren live

  • Gorman, LeRoy


  • Guy Simser

    the deeper
    into the forest
    the deeper
    into your shadow ---
    a murmuring of pines

    formal takeover
    parading my first platoon
    showtime kiddo
    all of them older
    and bigger than me

  • Guy Simser

    when she tells me
    I quickly retreat saying
    I need a shower
    camouflaging my grief ---
    one more school chum gone

    this mind born
    from no fixed point
    now ebbing
    my long narrative poem
    stringing through space

  • Hege Anita Jakobsen Lepri

    old secrets
    forever safe
    in dementia ward


  • Marc di Saverio

    the scent . . . 
    of a flower whose name 
    I forget 

    I curl behind
    Eurydice under sheets
    of soft watches

    manic's afflatus –
    legs of empty chariots
    drawn by unicorns

    battlemares  --
    they beat and scream at 
    riderless clouds

    depression –
    I pocket glasses to
    look in your eye

    Marc di Saverio is an English student at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. His poetry, translations, criticism, artwork and Verso D'oggetti/Objectverse, have appeared in numerous journals. His chapbooks Sanatorium Songs (Cactus Press) recently appeared, and The Manifesto of Mortarism (Cactus Press) is forthcoming.

  • Mary Franklin

    a deer rests his head
    on the back of another
    fording a stream ---
    do we share our burdens
    as charitably?

    quivering aspens
    natives call you noisy leaf ---
    above the chatter
    I order a latte
    at the corner cafe

  • Mary Franklin

    a mirror falls
    and down its oval face
    a crack appears ---
    in this fragile relationship
    more bad times than good

    purple-tinted cloud
    patches of rosy-pink snow
    high in the Rockies
    my daily cares
    thin as mountain air

  • Mary Franklin

    afternoon sunbeams
    filter through venetian blinds
    in zigzagging lines . . .         
    these procrastinations
    first I'll do this---no that


    making up words               
    from overturned letters     
    in Scrabble . . .
    I wonder is this where
    my tanka will come from?


    Mary Franklin has tanka published in Gusts, Eucalypts, Ribbons and Simply Haiku.  She lives in Vancouver, BC

  • Matt Olechnowicz

    rustling embers
    whispers of ash and pine
    a log shifts

  • Michael Dudley