• Boianova, Stoianka

    morning sun...
    shadows of the cactus
    sharpen their thorns

  • Dragostinova, Radostina

    my daughter
    teaching paper angels
    how to spread wings

    Haiku Masters (runner-up) March 2018

  • Dragostinova, Radostina

    morning haze
    old fisherman heaves the sun
    from the sea

    route to the peak
    the alternatives
    I always miss

  • Dragostinova, Radostina

  • Harizanova, Zornitza

    end district
    gipsy children make faces
    at the passing train

    Free Hugs to Strangers, Sofia Library 2016; New Social Poetry Journal, March 2017

  • Lilia Racheva Dencheva 

    неуморен скитник,
    вятърът лудува
    по улиците

    restless vagrant . . .
    a young wind plays
    in the streets
    черните врани - 
    разпиляна броеница
    в снежното утро.

    young crows – 
    rosary beads on
    a cool morning
    Замръзнало езеро.
    Сива тишина     ccc
    в бялата пустош.

    frozen lake
    grey silence in a 
    white desert

    Привечер -
    врабците заспиват
    с мечтата за лято.


    dusk, sparrows
    go to sleep with summer
    in their dreams  

    зимни капризи,
    скрежасалите листа
    едвам прошепват.

    winter whims
    icy leaves barely

    English translations by Radosvet Alexandrov

    Lilia Racheva Dencheva was born in Rousse, Bulgaria. She works as a journalist, and has written for the centralmedia Septemvriiche, Srednoshkolsko zname, Sudentska tribuna, Narodna Mladej, and Az Buki.  Her poems have appeared in Pristine Love (2001), Invasive Fires (2005), and in The Rose (European haiku, 2003).

  • Maya Lyubenova 

    cross spider 
    lurks for its prey . . .  
    noon shadows

    the sparkles
    in a stallion’s mane . . .
    chestnut moon

    frosted fumes
    spill into the air
    ... her words

    dark river
    shadows of branches
    and knotted roots

    bolting lettuce
    in a crack

    Maya Lyubenova of Bulgaria was awarded the title WHA Master Haiga Artist in the April 2009 issue of the World Haiga Contest. Her haiku and haiga have been published internationally in multiple venues and publications. Maya Lyubenova's bilingual haiku collection, Flecks of Blue, was published in March, 2010.

  • Mindova, Radka

    blowing a kiss
    the wind changes
    its direction

    European Kukai October 2017 - First Place

  • Minko Tanev

    white light
    the pulse of the universe
    in each stem


  • Nadejda Kostadinova

    longest day
    fitting 15 years
    in a suitcase


  • Nadejda Kostadinova

    the night

    The Haiku Foundation/Haiku Dialogue on the brevity theme, August, 2019

  • Nadejda Kostadinova

    filling in the silence
    white clouds


    walking in the park
    with the rain

    at the same blue sky
    a new day


  • Nadejda Kostadinova

    creaming the soup
    for the baby and me
    autumn chill

    glowing sky
    thank you Earth for the


    trembling wings
    of the paper butterflies
    soul music

  • Radka Mindova

    blossoming cherries...
    an unknown child
    takes my hand

    Bulgarian International Haiku Competition 2019 Winner


  • Radostina Dragostinova

  • Radostina Dragostinova

    end of a ride
    so much wind
    in the horse’s mane

    the child
    she never had
    winter sunset


    tacky sidewalk lighting...
    the candy floss smell
    on my daughter’s cheeks

    too much to leave off
    too much to remain for...
    winter sunset


  • Radostina Dragostinova

    paper boat
    my daughter explaining the sea
    to the dolls

    Frogpond vol.41:2/ 2018


  • Radostina Dragostinova

  • Radostina Dragostinova

    subway window
    within the old lady’s reflection
    a little girl waving

    24th KUSAMAKURA HAIKU COMPETITION - 2019 - Second price (Tokusen)

  • Shishkova, Tsanka