crepuscule with monk. autumn's raven settles into the bone

withered leaves cling in whispers from the oak

moonlight by proxy a streetlight stains the sleepless walls

only an hour left before rapture

another news cycle and still no closer to god

yes and no the question of consent

deeper than thought a light frost sublimates into the wind

running on empty nest syndrome

she tidies the cedar chest, a photo falls to the floor

smoke from the bonfire of letters

no paper trail and yet as guilty as any other

first stone is a glancing blow

ripples of sunlight on snowmelt a stonefly nymph

the delta of venus in furs

braiding a sense of self from snippets of folksong

into the grand fugue state of the union

doddling this way and that, he's forgotten the war

contrails fading high in the crosswinds

petal by petal by petal... the hours pour through me

off beat and slightly out of tune