black ice
I drive over
the moon

vape smoke escapes
her pale white face

early morning
the prisoner’s breath lingers
above barbed-wire

tire chains left behind
on the narrow highway

Christmas shopping
she tries on
another necklace

gold light shimmers
across the water

breaking news
in the old t.v.
drifting clouds

trying to sleep
in the hospital lobby

smell of coffee
I take another bite
of a salad

strangers walking briskly
through the garden

deep into the night
sound of sirens

seagulls calling
above dim streetlamps

dementia . . .
waves washing away
footprints in the sand

migratory patterns
in the wings of a butterfly

my neighbor gives me
another cookie

new cracks form
in the marble steps

heavy rain
sunlight pierces through
broken thoughts

solving the last word
of a crossword puzzle

early morning . . .
I light another journal
on fire

headlines trickle down
a vacant driveway