A & I go to the bank on Victoria Rd. Most of the roads and paths are lightly frosted w/ the cold weather that has taken the past week. W/ the cold front the skies are especially beautiful and the birds are busy among the bare trees. Spot a goldcrest for the first time - it is w/ a group of long tailed tits which are always great to see.
On the way home we cut through Queens Park past the boat pond. The pond itself is frozen. Children are throwing objects on it and breaking bits of ice off. It feels good watching them. It sounds even better.

muddy paw prints
on the park bench
winter sky

We get home we take tea and eat some bread and fruit. As the day closes and night slowly moves in we watch Ikiru on the laptop. In some regards it’s a heartbreaking movie but w/ the protagonists leap towards and grip of life, comes a warmness and a strong sense of comfort and joy.

waking in a dream last year’s leaves