Early morning in early spring. The streets feel emptier than ever. No sunlight, no leaves, no people. Occasional cars pass, but there’s no chance of encounter. Apparently, people have seen foxes in this area. Nothing yet. Not even a cat. In amongst the houses and offices are occasional shops. Mostly shuttered, but a few still dare to face the city with naked glass. Short on stimulus, I peer in.

everything must go
the urgent catalogue
of a song thrush

Slowly, ever so slowly, the light changes. Twilight teases. That’s consolation of a sort, but I’ll only see the sun today if I run an errand. There’s a brutality to my timetable at this time of year. Perhaps I should take vitamin D supplements and adjust my Serotonin Transporter Protein with a light box. Even on a Goldilocks planet, not everything is “just right”.

back and forth
between the equinoxes
striving for balance