The Netherlands

  • Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo

    empty room
    the scent of daffodils
    fills the silence


  • Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo

    leaving my heart
    a long way behind
    ice moon

    Catttails, October 2019

  • Bouwe Brouwer

    drukkende hitte
    een zwaluw snijdt de tuin

    stifling heat 
    a swallow cuts the garden
    in half 
    verlaten huis
    knijpers op de waslijn houden
    de horizon omhoog

    abandoned house
    pegs on the clothesline hold 
    up the horizon  
    diepe winter
    hondengeblaf  overspant 
    de baai

    deep winter
    a dog's bark spanning
    the bay
    de postboot
    verspreidt fragmenten

    the mailboat
    spreading fragments
    of sunlight
    zonder voetspoor
    door mijn voetspoor
    stappen de mieren

    ants leaving
    no footprints in
    my footprint

    Bouwe Brouwer lives in the Netherlands. He is a primary school teacher. His interests include writing haiku, travelling, and designing/publishing handmade books in a very limited edition:

  • Domburg-Sancristoforo, Anna Maria

    inside the night
    the buzz of words
    in my head


    past midnight -
    the silence
    between two dreams


    after the beep -
    I listen to your voice
    again and again

  • Domburg-Sancristoforo, Anna Maria

    updates -
    do I still need
    them or you?


    golden morning
    some leaves refuse
    to fall


    wandering clouds
    my thoughts deep
    in my pockets


    between us
    kisses not yet given -
    november moon


    a sweet embrace -
    the strength
    of the autumn sun

  • Hernandez, Mariela

    fishing day
    the only catch
    a sunburn


    empty fish hook
    I throw it again
    to my floating shadow

  • Joanne van Helvoort

    recovery room
    a butterfly
    unfolds its wings


  • Joanne van Helvoort

    early snow
    we stay awake
    to hear the cranes

    Acorn: fall 2018


  • Maya Daneva

    mountain’s pine forest
    all the wild berries
    no one eats


  • Maya Daneva

    Sunday mass
    the absent prayers of
    the present

    Failed Haiku, Volume 5, Issue 58, 2020