• Colin Stewart Jones

    on the beach
    between high and low water
    reading from Job...
    still I dare ask questions
    which can't withstand the tide

  • Colin Stewart Jones

    I stagger
    into a summer dawn...
    its tongue out
    the three-legged dog
    in step with the old man

  • Ken Cockburn

    my hand discovers
    your collarbone during
    the saxophone solo ---
    all that's left of your drink is
    lemon and slithers of ice

    that line yesterday
    I couldn't catch,returns oh
    what you do to me ---
    and a high half moon shows up
    just as the dark is spreading

  • Padma Srinivasan

    child loss-
    my stepping stone
    to motherhood


  • Tony Williams

    beach scene...
    the whorls and loops
    left by dogs