• Grankin, Nikolay

    her last diary
    so many
    blank pages 

    NHK "Haiku Masters" Yufuin, Oita, February 2018

  • Grankin, Nikolay

    a cloud flies through summer noon

    from "C' to "B" the man's fingers on the cello


  • Grankin, Nikolay

    frosty morning
    a piece of butter clings to
    the hot toast

    quiet melody
    above a satellite antenna
    the moon

  • Guliaeva, Irina

    longing for New Year
    a star on the top
    of the maple-tree

  • Guliaeva, Irina

    leaf-fall I have no time to read all of you


    sunset horizon stitch after surgery


    crawls out of the frame silly moon


    arithmetic my son always mentions infinity

  • Guliaeva, Irina

    looking into each other's
    single eye

    Failed Haiku, issue 34, October 2018

  • Guliaeva, Irina

  • Irina Guliaeva

    charm bracelet
    the beads
    from the different husbands

    Failed Haiku, Volume 3, Issue 36, December 2018

  • Irina Guliaeva

  • Irina Guliaeva

    trees in the old park
    no one remains

  • Irina Guliaeva

    house for sale
    I remember the phone number
    by heart


    filling in the gaps
    less and less empty spaces
    in the graveyard

  • Irina Guliaeva

    frigid garden
    I watch him growing
    a double chin

    #FemkuMag, issue 19, December 2019

  • Kuznetsova, Natalia

    the storks' empty nest
    on the roof of the closed church...
    my unborn child

    World Haiku Review March 2018

  • Natalia Kuznetsova

    in the rubble -
    staring into the sky
    a crippled doll

    World Haiku Festival, 2010, Nagasaki (Honourable Mention)



  • Nikolay Grankin

    mountain village
    the cemetery a little higher
    than the church

    The First Morioka International Haiku Contest
    Honorable Mention


  • Nikolay Grankin

    crowded street
    the neon stars
    above my head


    abandoned workshop
    the brick wall
    still warm


  • Nikolay Grankin

    the weightless hand
    of an old lady

    meandering path
    the trees touch each other
    over my head

    intimate talk
    an onion cut
    in half

    a line of sparrows
    on the fence

    smoothing out the wrinkles
    on the candy wrapper

    the long thread
    of a spider