• Adeleke, Barnabas I.

    checking the label
    for low saturated fats —
    autumn trees


    too small for meat . . .
    the jogger leaves a snail
    to cross the path

    a bite
    beyond my hand's reach . . .
    these mosquitoes


    All Saints' Eve —
    the Hitler moustache
    on a boy's face

  • Ibrahim, Nureni

    heavy rain
    on the road to the farm
    the toad and I


    village uproar
    two stones hit
    the flying blackbird

  • Oluwasegun O. Adesina

    the secateurs . . .
    spring rain

    Hiroshima Day —
    a group of chicks fleeing
    from an eagle


  • Othuke Umukoro

    clandestine landmines
    they buried him
    without his head

    long winter night
    walking back for more
    Harriet Tubman

    sweltering summer
    uprooting the grass
    on my wife’s grave

    shadows falling
    on shadows of slaves
    picking cotton

    eyes following
    eyes of the night river
    first runaway slave

  • Taofeek Aswagaawy Ayeyemi

  • Theresa Okafor

    the not-so-little lies
    within your words —
    heat-cracked soil


    wind-blown seeds
    the flow of life
    without tethers


    ancestral pull —
    pieces of my village
    clinging to my shoes


    war drums
    rivulets of rain hitting
    corrugated roofs


    silent tides
    the sound of loneliness
    washing over loneliness