• Benno Schmidt

    seat on the quay
    a boat takes the gulls
    into the morning fog

  • Benno Schmidt

    flute wood the blackbird's bough sunlit

    Chrysanthemum  No. 27, April 2020

  • Deborah Karl-Brandt

    between cooking pot and laundry
    searching for haiku

    cherry branches
    it's getting brighter
    in the flat

    lilies of the valley
    on Mother's Day

  • Eva Joan

    only my footprints
    follow me on the wet sand
    quite out of breath


    nur meine Spuren
    folgen mir im nassen Sand
    ganz außer Atem

    Chrysanthemum (April 2019)

  • Eva Joan

    a rainbow
    above silent gravestones -
    last salute


  • Eva Joan

    on his finger
    the golden wedding band
    of someone else
    Failed Haiku Issue 34, October 2018

    an seinem Finger
    das goldene Hochzeitsband
    der Anderen

  • Eva Limbach

    sweltering heat
    my to-do list

    the fisherman
    repairs his net


  • Joan, Eva

    far behind me 
    your stainless steel voice 

    Christmas bakery -
    the scales sighs devotedly
    in advance


  • Joan, Eva

    summerdream -
    wingbeat of a butterfly
    changes the world

  • Joan, Eva

    full moon -
    in the eyes of the tiger
    iron bars

    Vollmond -
    in den Augen des Tigers

    Chrysanthemum (April 2018)

  • Joan, Eva

    only a thin thread
    against the beeping silence -
    his breath


    all night long 
    fighting against dragons 
    no escape


    another summer - 
    still waiting for you 
    to come around

  • Joan, Eva

  • late-night news

    Did I get blunt? Oh, not really!

    When the first refugees drowned in the Mediterranean there was an outcry in the media. We all were shocked.

    Today, a casual mention following the day-to-day politics. Nothing has changed and it touches me more than ever. After a moment of hesitation I reach for the remote.

    Yes I know, I know

    foreign war
    secured at his backpack
    a toy soldier

  • Limbach, Eva

    all that remains
    to write about -
    winter moon

    Mainichi Jan. 26, 2018

  • Limbach, Eva

    on call duty
    the far-away cooing
    of wild doves

  • Winter guests

    Tired and hungry after a long journey we decide to spend the evening in a well-known tapas bar.

    The waitress serves us pepperoni stuffed with codfish and fried baby squids.

    Almost heretical I order a burger and it is the best I can remember.

    The veal is done to perfection. Big onion rings are roasted with honey and the smoky dip is just fantastic.

    Even the sesame bun is warm and crispy

    "Algo mas?"

    another glass of wine
    the old face
    of our rose peddler