Captain’s Log
March 25, 2525
Sanibee FOB, Alpha*11

Faz shot down a Wapaxi recon ship today. I performed an ultra-high altitude, high opening jump to administer the cauterization laser and reconstructive gel, per section 3.11B protocol under which enemy are resuscitated and taken as prisoners of war for intelligence purposes. It was too late, though.

last laugh—
impaled by
a life support pack

Jexa is still not returning my holotexts. I fear she may never speak to me again after volunteering for this post. Hopefully, the outpost garden’s roses don’t turn black in her matter reconstructor again. Of all the planets in all the galaxies, she had to land on mine…

methane clouds
veiling the twin suns—

The men are asleep as I keep watch tonight. So far, all quiet on the Kuiper Belt.

First published in Leading Edge and reprinted in Night to Dawn