spring breeze—                           

the little pool flooded

with blossoms


a breathless dawn

lures the prickling earth


pine snow

thaws in silent

rainbow beads


the heart of a cello throbs

through an open window


strawberry moonlight

pinks the eye

of the spotted owl


waltzing together

with the fireflies


she took his hand

like a prayer

under the sycamore


at the airport chapel    

a thousand tongues 


wild pages

of a just-penned story

scatter in the wind


dragonic splendor

of gathering swifts


the sky shimmers

a prism

of holiday lights


a pair of lilies

carves up the ice


we finally touch

fingers tracing for a hint

of what to say


aroma of garlic

in your long black hair


a quilt of clouds

wilts like ash

and the bold moon burns


round the roaring fire

we each give thanks


in deep woods

drift bright chords


take me home ….

the sailboats fade

like dreams into dawn


from a lonely cottage

grey smoke joins

the Milky Way


frozen streams shatter

with the pulse of life


Ryland Shengzhi Li, Arlington, Virginia, USA
Dana Gittings, Washington, D.C., USA