a spring nijuin renku
by Aparna Pathak and Ferris Gilli


emerging ants
scattered bread crusts
around the school bench


this long day the sisters
begin a science project


another leaf
in the collection
of a tea picker's son


clean china cups
wait ready for use


a heron
peaking the moon
in the clay bowl


lying on the terrace we watch stars
in each other’s eyes


after the war
the celebrities’ reluctance
to break their embrace


the injured soldier
gluing a hula doll


bed sheets
on a clothesline
billow in the wind


the ball rolls up
to the boundary and stops


with a loud sneeze
the flu season


even the last ember


the king finally content
in the coziness
of his mistress's hideaway


a glimpse of her bosom
in the lightning


as big as a car tire
the harvest moon
reveals their music notes


cricket, if you want to sing
I can play the guitar


I turn
to a familiar voice
in masquerade


who knows the man
in the spy shop?


everybody's head
dotted with
cherry blossoms


tadpoles move as one
into a shaft of sunlight