in a sea of tattoos—I buy an eighth and slink out

he explains to hear ad nauseum how i wish i had a stiff drink

hearing only half of what he mutters, she is splitsville!

bending cosmos another basketball team checking in

as she sleeps, a spider spins gossamer across the hoops in her earlobes

red blanket and cool sheets these bones carry much stress


I marry the milkmaid for her handiwork—she marries me for the practice

i fill my mouth with you the shadows now turning

it's a long walk back from the brothel—I decide to spin the night

spring thunder his hardon prominent when we speak

she swears she'd rather choke on a chicken bone

eating from Hibachi again lobby silence and our breathing

transfixed by the way she fills out her cashmere—goats will eat anything

aimless aimless these slate grey walls are depressing

he propositions me as I swish past the red lights

another question: you walk away with my smile

fake smile, false teeth, silicone breasts—my kind of guy

another noir film my computer reboots


rainbow flags on his toenails—Rock Hudson in Magnificent Obsession

today deciding to stay in bed no social media at all

fourteen galaxies merging in the distant universe we still can't get along

more messages still watching my movie

exchanging emails with a new friend bursting with enthusiasm

not sure if these are haiku bad things done in Nazarene's name

big hole in my sock I never throw anything away

shopping at the supermarket i deeply despise daddy

organic fruits and vegetables taking a bite out of my budget

early noon: one of those days i don't wanna talk

Facebook friend—she ups the ante with a Face Time call

enjoying chocolate another guest slides me his number


dominatrix goes off script—the many uses of a police baton

cabin fever: edge of her turquoise bikini

lipstick in hard to reach places—gone in the morning

crushed silk curtains practicing 'Autumn Leaves' in silence

cigarette burns on the hotel room carpet—a broken high heel shoe

witch of Endor who conjures up dead leaves?

Michael H. Lester, Los Angeles, California, USA
Akane, Dallas, Texas, USA