festival of colours—    
the family members
beyond recognition

across the table
they WhatsApp each other

playing fetch
the dog lands
on a sand castle

the building crumbles
over a homeless man

our noses
come in the way
as we kiss

wedding bells
like the sound of a fire alarm

during full moon night
                 a wolf's call
breaks the silence 

crack of dawn
a lone star becomes the sky

*Holi is a festival of colours celebrated in India which symbolizes the win of the good over the evil. Its literal meaning is 'let bygones be bygones'.

Form Used:     Rasika (a renku in eight linked-verses)

Participants:    This rasika renku 'Holi' was written by the students of the Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts Pune, during their 60-hour course on haiku and allied genres taught by Kala Ramesh. The students completed this renku trip in 4 hours divided into two hours each on 6th March and 7th March 2018.

                        Each student (whose verse was chosen) was the ‘sabaki’ for the new verse. 
                        Shubhangi Anand -Verses 1 & 7
                        Azara Merchant - Verses 2 & 5
                        Unnati Agrawal - Verse 3
                        Rajath Nair - Verse 4
                        Kaavya Ranjith - Verses 6 & 8