Today I got my first paycheck and I wanted to gift my dad something really valuable. So first I thought of gifting him a watch. But then I wondered, would it be able to return all his time that he spent worrying and waiting for me to come back home?

After that I thought of gifting him a cologne. But then I again wondered, would it be anything compared to the sweat he shed all his life to give us the best of everything?

May be a photo album? But would it be able to bring back his young, adventurous days,when he was busy being a perfect father?

Then what? How could I repay him?
But could I really ever?
So finally, I went home,hugged him tight, thanked him and told him that I loved him beyond everything else.


old pictures
          I wave at the man
holding my hand


Shreya Narang
Age:- 17