I've a long-lasting love for Tokyo; I've been there many times. Ever since I took my first ride on the Arakawa Toden streetcar in 1993 I've remained fascinated by its allure.


streetcar window...
a different world
at every stop


standing room only...
multicolored umbrellas
and the smell of rain


One of Tokyo's last two remaining streetcars, the Toden travels a 12.2 km route back and forth through 30 stops that traverse some of the older parts of the city, areas overlooked by most tourists who search elsewhere for excitement. But, for me, each stop along the way presents a unique atmospheric microcosm of Tokyo life the way it was, is, and is constantly evolving to be.


as worn as the rails
he hums a sad melody...
end of the line


down the tracks
receding into the past
Tokyo trolley