1. Put two glasses of water in a saucepan.

I look into the inside of the saucepan, how perfect the circle, so accurate and compassed, with such a tender centre.
I began trying to estimate the radius and the diameter.

2. Add 10 ml of milk

How beautiful and smooth flowing the milk!
I think of the ocean of milk and the amrit and the poison. I think of sapphire throated Shiva.

3. Put one spoon of tea leaves 

I think of myself, a crumpled fistful of scattered flakes. I think of my stability crumpled by society and scattered like tea leaves, to be made into an elixir and eventually be sipped by the world.

5. Light the stove. Let the tea warm.
I look at the bubbles forming.
My mother bends over to see how the tea is. I see her elated smile reflected in the frothing bubbles....


ocean breeze...
her husband’s footprint trembles
on her headscarf